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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Are YOU ready...for Halloween?

So chicas, what are YOU wearing for Halloween this year?
I'm going to an awesome Halloween party this year. I never usually get into the whole Halloween/dressing-up thing... (I guess it's the British in me:Halloween is hardly even celebrated in the UK) So, i splurged and spend ±70$ on a costume. And guess what i am? Yes, you guessed it! A vampire!

As most of you chicas know, Twilight is like THE best vampire series on the planet. At any age, you will get completely engrossed in these stories (P.S. as much as i love the movies, they don't give the books justice at all!). So if you're reading this and HAVEN'T read the series , you need to get up, call a friend who has the first book (i know you all know at least ONE person who owns the book!), and drive over to her place immediately. Do not go back onto your computer UNTIL you've read 20pages of the first book. I promise you'll be hooked.

So, now back to my costume. I bought it at Montreal's best sex store: Seduction (it's the picture below, minus the red boots—i'll have to wear my black ones). My friend and i had a blast trying on about 20 different costumes each. Some were only bedroom appropriate, aka a little TOO sexy! God my friend is HOT!! (xo) But finally i found my sexy, but not too raunchy, Halloween costume for my party!! What do you think?

I just hope with this really cold temperature we've been having the last few weeks, that i don't completely freeze my ass off getting to this party! LOL

So, don't hold back, tell me: what are YOU wearing for Halloween?!


  1. Aww thanks love. I must say, your little booty looked damn hot in those outfits, I almost jumped you :-D

  2. love the costume!! I'm going to be a clown :) not sure Roxy would approve but I'll sex it up ;)

  3. haha tell me how you sex it up Ms.Anonymous!! ;)