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Monday, October 5, 2009

Party for a cause

I went to an FANTABULOUS party that a coworker of mine helped plan and organize, called:: ÉLÉMENT.

It was the first édition of these fabulous parties. All profits went to Société canadienne de la sclérose en plaques (SP). Elle est un membre du comité SP. C'était une soirée d'encans silencieux, de tirage à 10$ (avec des cadeaux incroyables), bar ouvert, musique par DJ Jangi Quest, et des performances en direct d'Annabelle Chevrier et Mystika Circus. C'était toute une soirée!

Coworkers and friends all gathered for an evening of dancing, drinking and flirting ;) Tons of beautiful men and women attended and schmoozed all night long. It was loads of fun!

Congrats to my special lady friend who dedicated so much of her time and effort to this cause. We are all so proud of you!

Il y avait même des goodies-bags qui vallaient plus que $500! Moi, j'ai hâte à utiliser mon certificat cadeau pour une nuitée gratuite à l'Hotel PUR à Québec (www.hotelpur.com)! Qui veux venir avec moi?! Et aussi mon laissez-passer pour une journée chez SPA BROMONT! Roxy a besoin de relaxation ces jours-ci!

Now, what you all really want to see :: some pics of the soirée! (courtesy of my friend and photographer: Savitri Bastiani)


I have to say though, that the party's beautiful men in suits seemed quite shy all evening. I was with a group of sexy women and no one was getting hit on! What's that about?! One cute guy did finally get the guts to approach me. He obviously needed quite a few drinks to get the courage!! He was cute tho... i gave him my number and told him if he could remember it the next day, he could call me. Haha ... no phone call to date!




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