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Friday, December 4, 2009

The guy from the South Shore...

So i realized that I haven't updated any of MY personal horror/dating stories in a while, so here's one for you guys to read and laugh about! It's a guy I met from the dating site again. This was last winter, a month or two after i had started my online dating adventure!

This one stuck out in particular, because at first he really got me laughing LMAO. Seriously. Funniest guy when we chatted on MSN. We started talking alot, and because of all the bad dates i'd been on, i was dubious about meeting anyone new. But, as our chats progressed, i actually ended up super excited to meet him — i even traveled all the way to the South Shore for our first supper! That's saying something! lol

In person, it was a complete 180. He had no personality at all. He had been so funny and out-there on MSN and email. Made jokes all kinds. Had seemed super confident about himself... And now here i was on our first date, bored out of my mind. I was disappointed and didn't know what happened to my funny MSN chat buddy!

I started asking a few questions and it turns out he was a big gaming buff — scratch that, HUGE gaming buff— and he admitted to feeling more comfortable online than in person. The only social occasions he attended were gaming related. He talked to me about a masked event he was going to with all his gaming friends, where you had to guess which character they played in the game they were all on...because they only knew each other as their online persona...

Hmmm needless to say, there's was no connection between us. He seemed so impressed by my social life and in awe of everything i did... he even said that maybe i could “teach him”.

Teach him what? To live life?
I guess if i had liked him more, maybe i could have “taught him”. But, personally i didn't like a date who was so envious of me. I want an equal, not a puppy dog. Needless to say, there was no traveling over the bridge for Roxy after that!


  1. Hahahahaha Poor puppy dog... He'll have to stay home and play with his Xbox. :)

    It's kind of unfair how people hide behind their computers and are one person online and a completely different person IRL ("in real life" for you non-gamers out there..lol).

    But you know what - at least you gave him a chance - he was probably already grateful and shocked that you met him. So you already did him a favor and showed him a glimpse of you life! Now he just needs to get one of his own...