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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Refresh, Renew, Re-Love

I read this article mid-summer and i ripped it out and pinned it on my board at home. It's message continues to stick with me to this day. Sometimes is takes a little article like this to believe in yourself and open your mind to loving someone new, or at least enjoying the journey! I hope that by passing this message on and it inspires one of you :)

--Living Life and Loving It

To most people change is scary. I am not afraid of changes; it makes life challenging. After break-ups you think you'll never love again. You think, “I will be alone for the rest of my life”. But really, people are alone because they choose to be. If you're looking for Mr.Perfect, you will be alone forever. You should always be open to meeting new people and dating should always be fun and exciting. Don't set your mind on a type. I have set people up with complete opposite of their type and some of those have been my most successful fix ups.

After a separation or break-up, people need to detox. Take some time to yourself. Enjoy time at the gym, spa, eating healthy, get your hair styled and start looking your best all over again. Don't forget those manicures and pedicures. everyone should feel beautiful from top to bottom. This re-vamp of appearance will help compliment the amazing morals, heart and soul that were there the whole time.

Don't be so fast to judge other people's opinions. They might have been dumped by the person they're judging or that person might remind them of someone who hurt them. They liked someone and the feelings weren't reciprocated. Your situation might be different.
Remember: there is someone for everyone and the world is pretty small.
So unless you see his or her picture on the “Most Wanted” list, don't panic and run away. Give it a shot. Make a great first impression.

Everyone should be open to think outside the box. Try and date someone who is not the typical man or woman. Try eating food that you could never imagine trying. As a kid, my mother traveled to Japan and used to send me postcards telling me how she ate raw fish everyday. I would imagine her eating someone's goldfish out of their aquarium, only to grow up and realize she was referring to sashimi! I actually tried it on my first blind date.
Life should be like you're at a cocktail party every day. Try a bit of everything and see how fun life can be!
— Susan Alper (LuxuryReportMagazine.com)


  1. Recently discovered your blog and I'm so intrigued! Love it! Can't wait to hear more about dating escapades, dating tips, un-friendly-ex stories and of course Tiger!!

  2. Thanks Ms.Anonymous ;) Luv 2 hear from fans! This weekend i'll definitely be filling you guys in on how my little xmas tree looks and another ex-story. Will fit blog posts in between parties!! lol