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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Roxy's Top 10 Dating Tips : Tip #5

Stay Mysterious.
Your date doesn't need to know all your nitty-gritty details right off the bat. Intrigue him with your sexy-style & that sexy-smile, without giving away all your secrets.

It's not about playing a game, it's chosing the right moment to reveal yourself to him, and it's also understanding the principles of human nature. “A man will always want what he can't have. When a man meets a woman and she seems nonchalant, it becomes a challenge for him to win her affections.”


“If you start out dependant, it turns him off. But if it is something he can't have, it becomes more of a challenge for him to get it.”
SOURCE: Why Men Love Bitches, Sheery Argov

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