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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Drought

So, i'm sitting here, watching the Olympics, wondering what dating stories I haven't told you all! It's February in Montreal, and the dating scene is slow right now...
ok, honestly, it's dead.
It seems like every guy i meet, or in effect tonight, every guy i talk to, i'm all of a sudden interested in!
I mean tonight, I was actually flirting with the TD Financial Advisor who called me from Markham Ontario to review my GIC investments! He sounded cute i swear! And he was smart — about RRSPs! ;)
And then there was the guy the other night. I was at my friends house, watching the hockey game, and a  male friend of theirs came over. All of a sudden i'm totally checking him out! And honestly, we probably have nada in common, apart from our love for hockey! LOL i'm simply a disaster!

I'm constantly having fantasies about my athletic therapist — who is HOT and funny, but unfortunately engaged... I talk about HIM all the time on my Twitter feed ;)

It seems like any guy who comes along and talks to me, i'm drooling over! What happened to cool, sexy Roxy being selective? ;)
I'll be the first to admit, I am in desperate need for Spring to arrive! And for me to meet some eligible bachelors who aren't just the mailman!

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