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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Text Msging Foreplay

Ok so i'm texting and chatting with this guy i met on Zoosk. He seems pretty cool. He's been surprisingly supportive when i was very very sad this weekend. He handed out some good advice that made me smile, and touched my heart in a very mini little way ;)
Don't worry friends, i'm not head over heals for an internet guy i've never met!
He is however cute and funny and smart and AVAILABLE (that being the KEY word).
His, not-so-great points... he's a nurse (aka busy... like my ex), finishing up his school (so VERY busy), and lives in the South Shore (which to me is like a foreign land!).

But honestly, those aren't deal-breakers, and i haven't even met him for a date yet, so no judgment or happy-skips until then! I'll keep you updated, but as our relationship develops it's fun to think of all the new things to discover...

One of those fun things being SEXTING : aka the art of flirting over text message. I'm sure my sexy ladies out there are all familiar with that! You might have even heard the term CHEXTING : cheating over text! I have quite alot to say about THAT subject! But i won't get started! lol

There's an article I read explaining the REASONS you SHOULD SEXT ur lovers ;) it's very interesting ;) And i agree with every their points. So i suggest everyone to try some sexting tonight! hehe ... however, it may not be the right thing to start doing before you meet someone in person! aka my situation at the moment! lol But the beginning of a relationship can be super sexy with the use of technology we have ;)

Also, for a fun read (and for any guys reading!), here's an article teaching guys in particular how to SEXT properly—it's quite amusing ;)

Happy texting girls xo

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