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Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Want to Be a Downtown Girl!

I've found my new favorite TV show! Thx J! You know me well ;)
It's MTV's new reality show called Downtown Girls. There's only 2 episodes so far. And it's fabulous.

it's great. i love it. i want more.
The story follows a bunch of boy crazy best friends who live together in New York City, and are trying to find their Mr Right!
How fun is that?! I have fun with my married friends and all, but how much fun would it be if we were ALL single girls?!!! hehe just food for thought...  husbands plz don't send me hate mail !
The first episode, they try throwing an “recycle your ex-boyfriend” party!! Hilarious and such a BAD idea! And, in the latest episode, 3 of the BFFs stage a “love intervention” for their friend, because she keeps choosing the wrong guys! Sound familiar ladies?! I tell you -- I should be on this show! Think of the crazy times i would have, and the stories i would have for you! Dang, i'm just in the wrong city!

The main girl, Shallon Lester, is a vlogger and writes an online column for Glamour Magazine called Smitten. Totally cute and well written. Here's her article on Recylcing Your Ex! I tell you, she's the cutest!

Alright enough with listening to me rave about these girls, go watch the show!
➲ Downtown Girls, MTV.ca

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