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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

FormSpring Lingerie Question

Hi! I remember you have a thing for lingerie and my friend's bday is coming up so I would like your advice on what are your favourite brands and where to get them! 

My favorite brand of lingerie is Blush Lingerie. You can view a few of my posts about that brand on my blog: http://roxysrendezvous.blogspot.com/search?q=blush&x=0&y=0 .
They offer sexy, high quality lingerie for an amazing price. My closet is full of their bras, undies and negligés!! check it out at www.blushlingerie.com

It's hard to choose something for your friend's birthday though!! Unless you know her sizes and have a good eye for her style...it might be hard to pick out something she's guaranteed to love. Maybe the corset on their homepage? It's FABULOUS, i would LOVE to get that as a gift!!! (wouldn't we all?! lol)

Good luck , and let us know what you choose!!
— Roxy xo

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