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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Guy Who Had Anxiety...

So, I think you girls are ready to hear another one of my more disastrous dates I've ever had. This one is about a guy i met whilst still on the dating site i was subscribed to early last year.

Him and I had met online, and emailed/chatted for about 6 wks prior to him asking me to go have coffee. I guess i should have been suspicious that it took him so long to as me out... And for our big first date, he chose a really noisy resto/bar in Laval, but i didn't mind — i knew they had great martinis! (Café Univers)

So, that night, i got all dolled up, put on a super cute outfit, makeup was perfect, and was actually really excited. After all, this was someone who i had a really good connection with over email and msn...
...and you get those pre-date jitters, and think “maybe this one could really work out...”
Then... just as i was about to leave my apt (all cute, in my killer heels, and roomies approvals), i get this random text msg from my date. Saying he just can't do it, that he couldn't meet me for our date...
UM, what?...
At first, i was confused, but as we texted back and forth he told me that he had an anxiety problem and rarely left his house. He ALSO explained that he had planned the date at a noisy resto/bar because his anxiety causes an embarrassing condition :: UNCONTROLLABLE FARTING!!!
OMG! I was beginning to thank my lucky stars that i hadn't left the house!
So, as a compromise, he wanted to have a “phone date” instead... but... he needed 20 minutes to prepare himself... um...weird!

So, he called 20 minutes later. I had already changed in my pyjamas and was removing makeup!! lol And so, we talked.... well, actually... HE talked... and THANK GOD i hadn't gone to meet this guy! He was so NOT for me. So NOT the person he described himself to be for 6 weeks! We had complete opposite interests, he was a total hermit with extreme anti-social skills... plus as he went on to explain: he was someone who had got arrested for failing to pull his car over while driving drunk and running 6 stop signs while being chased by the cops...
And that was that. We never talked, texted, or had any more phone dates again! And i started to keep notes when a guy didn't ask me out after 4wks of emails/chatting!!

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