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Monday, October 12, 2009

You will ♥ musiccrate.com like me! happy thanksgiving

Hey chicas!
Since it's Thanksgiving i thought i would share a little bit more about myself.
Roxy regularly gives thanks for the many wonderful things and people i have in my life, and one of those things is music. For those who know the real Roxy, already know that i am a HUGE music fan and it helps me get through the mundane everyday things.

Actually, at the moment, i'm trying to figure out how to make a sidebar dedicated to music, but until then here's a few new hot songs that i'm listening to while working on my computer today...
All the links below are from this awesome site i know called www.musiccrate.com
This site keeps me up to date with all the hot new music, months ahead of the crowd! I ♥ that! Check them out: Sign up, and you can download hot new songs for free! No catches!

Akon's tribute to Michael Jackson (soooo awesome!)
new Cassie (w Akon and LMFAO)
Toni Braxton's new hit Yesterday!!
New dancehall for those who love it : DeMarco!
another new Akon ♥ - New York City
One of my fave Mariah songs remixed w/ Gucci Mane!
My secret crush: Jesse McCartney - Unrehearsed

Enjoy these songs and your Thanksgiving supper with your families! xo

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