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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The guy who is complicated...

So... i just got home from my date, and i don't know whether to feel disappointed or relieved... Here's the story.
Mr.Complicated is his name... and trust me, he is in a SERIOUSLY complicated situation.
We met a few months ago, at a club (ok you can roll your eyes here). I normally don't give out my number to guys at clubs, but he seemed different. Both our groups of friends jived really well the whole evening, he bought us all drinks, he was cute, funny, had amazing blue eyes, and he was really fun to dance with. ...Did i mention he wore a baseball cap and was totally cute? ;) ... n e way... moving on...
We exchanged numbers and started texting that night. Then emailing all week... Finally, when we were about to set our first date he broke some rather disturbing news...
...that he still lived with his ex-girlfriend, whom he shared a house with ... and had a 2 yr old son!
He is happy with this living situation. He doesn't feel the desire to move out quite yet, because he doesn't want to lose access to his son. In a few years he hopes to buy a duplex in the city , in which him and his ex can both live separately, but share custody easily of his son..... hmm

Me, being the cool-Roxy I am, told him straight-up that i was looking for someone who wasn't just playing around and who could at least potentially become someone who shared the same desires as me (house, kid...one day). Problem is that he already had everything i would eventually want... but with someone else. So, I decided to not see him and stay friends (if we could).

Somehow, we ended up talking by email almost everyday , for close to 2 months. We have great email-chemistry (that does exist i swear!). And i'll admit that about a month ago, i caved, and met up with him at a club with a bunch of my friends. But I have to say, we had an awesome time and nothing more came of it.
But finally, last week we mutually decided that: what was the point of talking over email (and flirting) if we were never going to go on that first date? So... with a few worried friends, i ventured out to meet him tonight for a date.
Worst case scenario : that i'd love the guy: he'd be perfect, funny, cute (yes, he'd wear the baseball cap again!) and say all the right things... yet be unavailable to me, and i'd get in an extremely complicated situation.
“Best” thing: it would be a boring date and i'd realize that we actually have no chemistry in person, that he's not the one for me and move on. No more flirty emails.
So this leads me back to the beginning: i'm not sure how i feel about how our date went... we were at a pub, watching the Habs game (Go Habs Go!), ate nachos, drank jack&coke (my ♥ drink), he was funny, cute (baseball cap again!) and polite. He paid for the drinks and food without questioning. Super great.
But...... on the flip side, we talked about his ex-girlfriend, how he doesn't mind their living situation, how they have a contract that they've signed of things they both “can” and “can't” do
-- i'm pretty sure “new” girlfriends are not part of the “do” list :S --
And, at the end of the date, he didn't walk me to my car: i was parked far down a dark street and it was freezing!

So.. final decision... drum roll please... i've decided once and for all that he's just not worth it. Too many complications... I will, however, have to immediately stop all the flirty emails (those do make me smile tho...), and NOT think of his cute baseball cap. But all in all -- i'll definitely survive! And i think i'm better off trying my luck with someone who doesn't have quite so much baggage...

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  1. Good stuff.... you deff don't need more drama coming from a guy!