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Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Dominican Dance

Recently, i took a trip to Punta Cana, my friend and I decided we had been work-a-holics for too long without taking a well-deserved break. We booked 2 weeks before leaving at an amazing 5-star Spa & Suites Resort. We crammed in tons of work in those 2 weeks, packed our bags the day before, and then, poof! were gone before we knew it.

My friend and I have many complicated boy issues here at home... so our main focus was to relax, drink cocktails on the beach, get an awesome tan and forget about the men of Montreal! I'm happy to say that we managed to reach all these goals while away!

One great distraction were the Dominican men... some were good looking , some were built, but mostly they just made us laugh!!! Now, i'm not trying to be mean, because some of them were nice guys... but cmon' all single girls who have gone down south know that Resort Animators only think of one thing: sex.sex.sex.

My friend and I were definitely up for a good time, but not the same good time these guys were looking for. Let me describe :: The Dominican Dance.

At the disco, all tourists, animators and locals gather to let loose and dance. Since dancing is one of my favorite things, i tore up the dance floor quite a few nights during our stay ;) After a few nights, my friend and i got quite annoyed of the way Dominican guys approach us on the dancefloor.

It starts off with them looking at you from across the room: this is the foreplay. By the time they've got to you, they think they're on second base... You, however, are just thinking: “Oh No, who is this loser walking towards me?”.
Then there's maybe one or two dance steps before they literally take your hips and start thrusting! From behind or in front... doesn't matter. They even do it from the side! I wish i could show you a video of how it looks: your body is being thrown back and forth in a shocking manner!

The first night at the disco, this guy called Mosquito, one of our hotel animators, who was super flirty with me, danced with me this way. I pushed him off repeatedly until he left me alone. He came back minutes later with an important question:

did i like men?

My friend and I laughed our ass off! I just kept thinking that my sister would be so proud of me! In Mosquito's mind, if i didn't like his fabulous-thrusting-dance-moves, i was most certainly gay! Needless to say, Mosquito got stung, and his ego was too bruised to to even talk to me for the rest of the trip... LOSER

Here are a few of the Dominican Stars we met on our trip!

By the end of the week, my friend and i were quite content to come home to our regular messed up men-of-montreal, who actually have the decency of dancing with us on the dancefloor!


  1. I can just picture the shock on Mr. Thrustomatic's face when he learned that you weren't gay. :) Best to thwart those advances from the get go or he would have been thrusting at you all week!! You go girl!

  2. SO bad you had to go through that...the thing is these little locals, uncultured, are used to blond girls from abroad coming to look for "latin love" ( if you know what I mean)...german, french, Suedish...and blond is just a common denominator. If is indeed sad. But hey..who does the moskito think he is? adonis? far from it... but like I said...other blondies go there for the chocolate-latin-love!! LOL! good for you!