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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the guy with the girlfriend!!! tabarnaq!

Ok so my blog isn't even up and running yet, but i'm posting this story because i just have to tell someone!
So, tonight i had (what i thought was going to be a hot date).
I've already dated this guy in the past. He's cute, he's nice...we dated for a little over a month, until his ex girlfriend declared her love for him... and she works with him... so ya. Not too interested in THAT. So i told him to have fun with her. That was that.

But we kept in touch , he's nice... he made me buy chicken on my own birthday celebration, but that's besides the point...
So tonight he practically begs me to come over; he's being all interested in seeing me, and honestly with my new found interest in just “having fun”, i thought it was a perfect start to all the good times...
little did i know
So midway through supper he's getting these text messages... then he needs to excuse himself to make a phone call. I can overhear. I'm not def. It's the ex... well, sorry no: his GIRLFRIEND. Except he didn't tell me this detail before me coming over and making efforst to look all cute!!

So, we finish supper, and all of a sudden she's at the door! Yes, she crashed our date. She walks in with her bags to stay the night, gives me a quick kiss hello (but it was more like who-they-hell-do-you-think-you-are kiss) and sat in his bedroom. I didn't even know what to say. We both led on that nothing changed and chit chatted a bit, but i sobered up from our bottle of wine VERY quickly,said my goodbyes and got the hell outta there!!! WTF

I'm sorry but these guys from Laval are so f-ed up!!!

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