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Live. Love. Learn. Life is short, it's time to do the things you love! My friends are my heart, my family is my rock. I just turned 30 and i'm trying not to panic! I have a fabulous apartment in the city, and some crazy dating stories! Read, interact and enjoy xx

Thursday, September 10, 2009

All about me : Roxy

Hello all Sexy Chicas who are reading my new blog!
I invite you to read the few blog posts I have to get acquainted with me a little bit. I promise i'll get better at writing ;) I sometimes go too fast and forget important details: details you girls would like to know. (Got suggestions? contact me and lmk!)
But for starters, I can tell you a little bit about the real Roxy ;)
I'm 28 years old.... and starting to feel the close-to-30-itch... but at the same time, trying hard not to panic. I grew up, playing with my beautiful Barbies, thinking that by 24 i'd have found the man of my dreams; 25 i'd have the perfect house; 27 the babies will come, and by 30 i would just have the most blissful life.
Ya, no. I learnt quickly that life doesn't work that way.
I've had some pretty serious relationships in the past. First serious boyfriend lasted 3 years. The next one lasted 5 years. We lived together for 2 of those years. I thought moving in together was the most logical option, because i was 22... and i was due soon for my happily ever after right? Wrong. Things didn't work out that way. It ended one dark and gloomy xmas night. Seriously.

Then the dating world opened up to me. I had some funny experiences (we'll get to those), one significant long distance one (VERY long distance: Australia) , had the summer of my life, and in the end, met Mr.Perfect. Or... so i thought. He was everything i wanted in a nutshell, and then it ended abruptly right before our one year mark: with him seeing his ex behind my back and not being ready for the next steps in our relationship. He freaked out. It broke my heart. And thank god i had my friends and my sister to help me out of the gloom&doom. I'm proud to say, that it took a while, but i'm soooo over it.

So, then... that's where all the fun began! I've learnt that you have no idea what life's going to throw at you! It's been a rollercoaster of a year; good dates, bad dates, horrible dates, online dates, phone dates... u name it, i've been there. Heck, tomorrow i have a date in Granby! (no, not at the zoo, but that was my first thought too...lol)

My friends have enjoyed my dating stories so much that they couldn't wait for me to start this blog!! And i hope that all the ppl out there who don't know me personally, will come to enjoy my stories as if you're one of my friends. Feel free to write comments, you're own experiences and stories -- god knows that we've all had them!! You'll feel better knowing that you're not the only one looking for Mr.Right and finding Mr.Wrong all over the place!!

Enjoy the stories chicas and live life to the fullest! xo


  1. I love it! Just started checking this out...what a great idea! Its like Carrie Bradshaw for the Online dating generation. Looking forward to more stories, and possibly sharing some of my own ;)

  2. Thanks Jen -- email me some stories when you get a chance! I would love to hear them! xo

  3. I need some advice Roxy....
    My bf & I have been together 2 yrs. We get along well, have much in common, spend tons of time together, good sex life... Seems to me like the logical next step would be to move in together...my concern: he's not the PDA type (which i crave & he knows)& although i say it often, he doesn't say "i love u" (something else i crave) am i being unrealistic?? u said u lived w/your long-time bf...any similarities/pros/cons/changes in the relationship/pitfalls?

  4. Hi Anonymous! sorry it took me so long to write -- i didn't see you there! you can always email me and i can get back to you faster ;)

    As for my answer...yes, 2 years is an investment and I agree that at that point you’re usually ready to move in together and see what happens for the next step. I have to tell you though, that moving in with my ex totally killed our relationship! You have to be ready for that possibility! You have to be ready to truly find out if you guys are meant to be! If I had waited another year in limbo, I would have wasted another year of my life! Lol

    Just remember tho, that the issues you have with your relationship NOW, are the same that are going to exist when moving in. If he isn’t into PDA, nothing will change if you’re sharing the same room together! And him not telling you he loves you is a bit of a red flag for me... Why does he not express himself? Does he, at least in private? I hope so for you. If you have doubts, maybe you already have your answers before needing to merge your lives together!

    good luck sweetie and email me if you'd like to chat some more xo