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Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Car Guy...

You might not know it, but Roxy can be quite a shy girl. I am not one to walk up to a stranger or give my number out to just anyone, i take calculated risks, and am building confidence in myself just like any other of us chicas.
So the story i'm about to tell is quite out of character for me...

I was driving in my car, listening to music, sun shining on me, windows rolled down, utterly happy — as i usually am in my car. I was almost home , getting stuck at every traffic light. I was totally in my own world, when at a red light, i noticed the driver of the car ahead of me (who had just cut me off!) leaning out of his window waving me down.

I couldn't understand what he was doing. Was something wrong with my car? A flat tire? Was he pissed at me, even though HE was the one who had cut ME off?!
Then he reached back into his car and whipped out his cell phone! ...oh god... there wasn't anything wrong with my car... he just wanted my number!

So, this random crazy guy was hanging out of his window, his whole upper torso was pointing outward towards incoming traffic — and there were cars coming in fast! So, while i was laughing (because this was crazy, and yes, a bit flattering) I was waving my arms frantically for him to get back in his car — the last thing i wanted was this guy getting decapitated!
But he misread my waves and understood it as an approval of his “moves” and an indication for him to pull over! He smiled enthusiastically and got back in his car and pulled over at the next light...
now what do i do?
So, i pulled up next to him at the red light and rolled down my passenger window. I told him he was a crazy guy and what was he doing?! He said he didn't know what came over him and would i give him my #?
i didn't know what to say & before i had a chance to answer, people starting honking their horns for us to move. the light was green.
So, i shouted “No” to him while laughing, and he simply nodded and motioned for me to move ahead of him. That was kinda nice, i thought.

So, i drove past a few more lights and could see him grinning at me in my rear-view mirror. I started thinking about it; he seemed quite cute from what i could see: dark hair, nice figure, strong body... plus i'd secretly always wondered if i'd meet someone while driving , because that's where i'm always at my happiest... he drove a Volkswagen (♥ those cars)... he had let me drive ahead of him... hmmmmm.....should i?....
So. I pulled over.

The second i stopped and he pulled up behind me, i shook my head and thought “what am i doing?!”. But, he ran to my car before i had a chance to change my mind, and said “so... do you do this often?” LMAO! I said “No, do you?!”. He said “no”, but i'm not sure i believed him. He did a cute run back to his car to get his phone and then i gave him my #. He asked right away if i was free that night. It was a Saturday... he doesn't know Roxy... i always have plans on a Saturday! So i told him to call me and we'd go out another night.
i drove away smiling...
...that doesn't happen everyday...

Stay tuned next week to find out if he called me back and where we might have gone on our first date! ;)


  1. Omg I can't wait to hear the end of this one!!

  2. This weekend PART 2 will be posted! Stay tuned!