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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Friends with an ex...

Ok, so i just want to say that it is POSSIBLE, you CAN be friends with an ex (5 years later when you've both moved on of course). A few weeks ago I spent 12 hours in a car with my ex-boyfriend, driving to T.O, and it was just like driving with an old friend :)

Think of it this way: you already have your inside jokes, there's no uncomfortable silences, and he knows when you need to eat before you get grouchy!

I feel proud that after all the BS we've been through, that we've got to the point in our friendship, where we can just be. Just enjoying each other's company with no sexual tension and no messy emotional baggage! Never thought i'd see the day, but i'm glad i did.We're actually planning another trip to see our friends again mid-November !
Who'da thunk THAT 5 years ago eh girls?!
Oh, and please note that NOT all ex's deserve your friendship after a break-up! This “being friends with an ex-thing” might represent a very small percentage of cases! Beware of all the ass-hole ex's you may have that don't deserve your kind friendship!


  1. Really, No sexual tension at all...I don't believe you!

  2. I definitely think it's possible if both are mature enough to realize that before the relationship got messy, you were very close and great friends, let alone lovers. It takes a lot of maturity to stay friends after a breakup. Although two people may not be compatible "relationship-wise", two people can still have lots in common, share the same values and share some good times. There was obviously something that attracted each of you in the first place and those things are still there - just because being "a couple" didn't work out, that's no reason why you can't be great friends. :) Like Ellen and Seinfeld!