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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Videotron Guy

Most don't know, but a little while ago, i moved from an apt full of roomates (i love you girls) to a cute little apt all by myself. This now means that i have to take care of myself all by my lonesome. My sinlge girls know that sometimes that task can be rather tedious...

When i first moved in, one of the things i had to take care of was my TV and internet connection.

Roxy needs her internet! :)

So, one Saturday morning, i hear a knock at the door, and in front of me was a sexy Spanish guy. “I'm here to install your Videotron 'mam”.

Are you kidding me?

Immediately, i could hear all my friends comments about the Spanish Pool Boy/Gardener fantasies in my head. He was tall, with long dark hair in a ponytail, standard Videotron jumpsuit, tanned skin, dark eyes and shiny pearly teeth. He was grinning at me as he entered my home.

Installation was going to take a while, so he told me to continue whatever i was doing prior to his arrival (which was watching Sex And The City episodes) and he'd try to stay out of my way. I've never questioned watching SATC before. I mean, it's my favorite show, but today, while sitting on the couch, with Pablo (i SWEAR that was his name!!!) fixing wires to my right, and Samantha (from SATC from those who don't watch the program) having orgasms to my left... i kinda wish i had something else playing in my trusty DVD player!

I tried to FFWD through the sex scenes without him noticing, but his grins on his face indicated that he knew what i was doing. It was already awkward enough sitting there while he wound wires around my apt, without hearing Samantha's and Charlotte's sex moans and groans...

And all I kept thinking was: OMG Samantha would totally DO this guy right here!
And it seemed pretty clear that HE would have totally been into it! Let's just say... Pablo was very... very friendly.

He kept saying my name over and over again with a Spanish accent. I couldn't help but giggle (i mean what else are you supposed to do?). Esp when he insists that he's installed the internet “so good”....“i promise you... i'm so good”...“but ...Roxy, you call me if sometin' not working ok? I be here in a second...” ;)

THEN his phone rang, and SUAVE MENTE starting blaring, and i couldn't help laughing when his hips starting swaying to the beat. Who would have thought the Videotron guy would be dancing around my living room?! But hey! It's me! I attract this kind of randomness!

He was soon gone after ending his Spanish conversation with the unknown caller. A few winks and hip shimmies in my direction, and some teases about programming my Illico box in Spanish, and he was on his way to the next lucky lady! Who knew having Videotron installed would be so much fun?!
Only my life!!


  1. LMAO That is classic! I wonder if he thought you were trying to seduce him while playing sexy scenes from SATC!!

  2. Mind you, this is a guy. He doesn't necessarly know SATC.. maybe he thought you were watching PORN!