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Thursday, November 12, 2009

NO LONGER Friends With an Ex...

So, i'm officially taking back my previous Blog Post statement about Being Friends With An Ex.

Shit went down today, and my revelation is that i think some people are just not made to see eye-to-eye. I can't take it anymore. So much BS and it's over 5 years later!! Cmon!! It's ridiculous!

I won't go into details and throw fuel in the fire, but i can honestly say that i'm done trying to be friendly. I just wish i didn't work with him everyday... :(
What about you guys... Are you friends with your ex? are you making it work?


  1. long story... he just never sees my side of the argument (whatever we argue about!). Now i just walk away because i just can't deal with all the drama. Only thing is that i still have to see him everyday ...sigh...

  2. Sometimes it's best to cut unhealthy dramam out of your life...make a choice as to what is best for you. As for seeing him everyday...yet another choice...

  3. I also work with an ex & have seriously considered relocating-seem to need the distance and the closure of no longer being known as "his ex" or him as "my ex"...how are you handling this situation now?...and does he know about Tiger? ;)

  4. We simply don't talk anymore. The situation is uncomfortable, but i've accepted him not being in my life anymore. He'll never see my side of things. In the 8 years i've known him, i've finally figured that out! lol He's never asked about who i'm seeing now, so no, he's clueless about Tiger. none of his business really! lol

  5. My ex & I work in the same facility but I now just view him as an aquaintance that I no longer associate with. We both live very different lives & have different philosophies to life so it's best that we no longer associate with each other. Are you handling it the same way Roxy?

  6. Pretty much. We don't speak anymore... so i guess that's the way we're both handling it!

  7. Thank u so much Roxy! Lovin' your blog sooo much!! Keep the stories coming! :))