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Sunday, December 20, 2009

My little Xmas Tree

Xmas is this week!! In 5 days!! OMG i soooo haven't finished my xmas shopping!
The next few days are going to be intense. Will be working extra hard to feel somewhat relaxed over the holidays (i'm taking a full week off work; this is unheard of for me!), fitting in appointments, spening time with family, seeing friends before they leave for BC (lol), helping the men in my life START their xmas shopping, and finishing MY xmas shopping. All in 3 days. wow. This is going to be interesting!
Here are my xmas tree pictures i promised! Going to be wrapping some gifts this afternoon because i definitely can't fit THAT into the next 3 days!

Merry Christmas!!


  1. LOVE your tree - it looks super festive!!

  2. with the pressies under it, it's even more festive ;) hehe I have a pic on my phone. I'll show u when we go for brunch xo