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Sunday, December 20, 2009

I was the disaster of the Office xmas party!

Well, the festivities have begun! The Xmas parties, the decorations, the alcohol! My office xmas party that was this past Friday... And oh my. Things got out of hand... I blame it firstly on the nervousness of the fashion show i participated in, secondly on the bartender who fed me mixed drinks (Bram!) at the bar. And i know it was my decision to GO to the bar—but partial blame is on my friend Finnie here!... he half dragged me (and half held me up while i was skipping). Oh my.

What happened from then on, i don't even remember. Luckily i was surrounded by wonderful people who took care of me for the next few hours. One of my best friends, who was also wasted, managed to contact Tiger to pick me up, organize my millions of bags, get my winter jacket and boots on me, and single handedly support me out to the waiting car in 5 inch heals and party dress. It was minus 20 Friday night and extremely icy... Did i forget to mention i love you A? xo

Ok so from then on i don't know what happened. I woke up the next morning in my pyjamas with Tiger's arms around me in bed. It took a second for the sickness to register with my brain, before i had to run to the bathroom. Really not fun. I kept getting flashes of the night before through the splitting headache. I groaned when i remembered being sick in the office bathroom... thank god for an awesome girl from Web, who hardly knows me, but took care of me while i was feeling sick at the party. And who helped me get to the bathroom in time before making a complete fool of myself. Man oh man. Thank you chica! I owe you one!

I still don't know all the details of the party. I'm sure i will be the butt of jokes tomorrow at work... I spoke to a few co-workers/friends this weekend and already heard a few stories. I danced. Apparently alot. It was my good friend James held me up while i danced. And there were pictures. Lots of pictures.
And apparently i have a great new friendship with the receptionist... of whom i didn't even know her name until Friday night. Hi Diana. Hope we had fun. lol

Anyway, i thought i'd share my experiences, and let you know that Roxy's drinking days are officially over. To that degree anyway! I can't get drunk like that anymore. It hurts too much the next day. And i have too many good, important people in my life (to name a few, J, A, Tiger...) who shouldn't have to take care of me like that! So, i'm sorry peeps, you know i love you all more than anything and you're all getting nice big xmas gifts xo


  1. oh nooo...the sure fire disaster of too much alcohol at a work event :[

  2. Well you wouldn't be my crazy little blondy if you didn't have nights like this. It's a good thing you are so adorable ;-) (I'm glad there is no story of anyone getting slapped)

  3. Well, I hope Tiger was nice enough to hold up your hair while you visited the bathroom!

    Eagerly waiting for the apres-New Year's blog. Any bets on the "No Drinking" pledge?

  4. LOL no he didn't hold my hair, but i'm kinda glad he slept through it!
    And not sure for NewYears. Might be partying it up with some 1yr olds, so i think my “no drinking” pledge will still be in effect!! HAHA