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Monday, December 7, 2009

Roxy's Top 10 Dating Tips : Tip #2

Be interested in learning more about HIM and his likes/dislikes, as weird as they might be. You need to know as much about him as you can if you think you might want to see for date #2! You might find that his strange interests are what you like most about him. Or maybe you'll find out that he's a wack-job and you definitely don't want to see him again! lol
So, ask questions, don't be shy :: you might find that you have more in common than you initially thought!
For example, Tiger and I started really asking each other random questions on our first few dates and we found out weird things we had in common :: we share the same favorite cereal (which you can only get in the U.K!), we have had the same amount and type of dental surgeries (which are rare), and the only tea he has in his kitchen cabinet is my favorite English tea (bought in England, and he knows how to make it the proper English way). Random facts for most people, but kept making me think: where did this guy come from?! (in a good way. lol)
Insignificant little facts can lead to stronger connections between people.

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