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Sunday, February 7, 2010

My sexy lingerie designer

Ok, so i'll let Roxy fans on on a little secret. Roxy loves lingerie. LOVE LOVE LOVES it. It makes me feel sexy everyday. And a little secret: I usually color co-ordinate my undies with my top that i'm wearing. Every day. That's how many undies i have!!! ;) lol.
And, it just so HAPPENS, that one of my great friends is an amazing lingerie designer. She works for Blush Lingerie. An up and coming lingerie brand that sells amazing quality lingerie for the price. I have soooo many bras, undies, corsets from her. Too many to wear actually. But i always find room in my underwear armoir (yes. armoir.) when a new season begins.
Spring 2010 is in full bloom. Check out their website www.blushlingerie.com It's HOT!

So, I sat down with my talented friend to ask her a few questions about being a lingerie designer:

[ROXY] What first drew you to fashion design? specifically to lingerie?
[BLUSH DESIGNER] I’ve always been into fashion: the clothes, shopping, dressing people up… but I always thought becoming a fashion designer was a pipe dream. Only after university (graduated in a different field) did I really start to evaluate what I wanted to do in life. I decided that fashion was really something that would make me happy and I was the only one who can make it happen. I didn’t want to invest more years in school, but then I quickly realized what’s 3 years compared to the rest of my life? It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Same as clothes, lingerie was always something that I loved. I always found that pretty lingerie can just brighten up your day and make you feel sexy! It starts from the “inside”! I have always loved matching bra/panties sets, and I love matching them to what I’m wearing on the outside. During fashion school, we had a few opportunities to work on projects outside of women’s daywear. I always chose lingerie. I knew that it was something I wanted to go into, I just didn’t think I was going to straight out of school!

[ROXY] How do u inspire yourself? Victoria's Secret catalogs? ;)
[BD] I love flipping through magazines, watching runway shows, going shopping. I find inspiration in art and clothing. I love to travel, see what’s out there and what’s different.

[ROXY] Do you have any special collections? If so, how do u name them?
[BD] All my collections are special, lol! There are always a few groups in the collection that I’m in love with and hope everyone would love just as much. We have many groups within a collection and they all have sexy flirty names. For Spring/Summer 2010, we have names like: Swept Away, Kiss & Tell, My Little Secret, Guilty Pleasures…

[ROXY] Ooo..sexy! Speaking of, Valentine's day is next week! What do u suggest us single girls buy for our sexy dates? Oh. And let's not forget the wifies, what would you suggest they buy to impress their hubbies? To rekindle those fires!! One corset at a time!
[BD] I would tell the single girls to buy a cute/sexy set, whatever makes them feel more feminine, flirty and bold. Have fun with it! I would also suggest wearing a garter belt under with your sheer stockings. A hint of the garter will drive the guy mad!!
For the wives and girlfriends, buy something that you normally wouldn’t wear…babydolls, corsets, teddys… or even a bra/panty set in lace if you’re usually a cotton kinda gal. Pick a fun color (one that flatters you or that he likes you in), accentuate your best features (be it top or bottom, or both)! Most importantly, be confident in showing your sexy self!

[ROXY] I'm sold! So, where can we buy ur fabulous designs? and how much do they go for?
[BD] Our bras are generally $34-36, panties $18-24, babydolls/chemises/corsets $56-68. You can find Blush at lingerie boutiques, Simons, The Bay and online stores. All the info’s on our website: blushlingerie.com

[ROXY] wow that's amazing pricing! I've gotta to get to the stores! Nothing better than walking around knowing how sexy you look under your clothes! Makes a girl feel GREAT! One question I have to ask; do guys act differently on dates when they find out your occupation? Do you strategically place it in conversation?
[BD] LOL, I think guys like hearing it. They love the idea that I play with panties all day! It’s definitely one of those occupations you don’t mind telling people :) I don’t really brag about it or bring it up in conversation unless someone asks me. Maybe it’s because I’m still a little shocked that I am a lingerie designer!

[ROXY] Have you ever dated a guy who WASN'T into lingerie? that would be such a waste!
[BD] Yes I did. Let’s just say he was being quite disrespectful about it. It lasted one date.

[ROXY] Speaking of dating, have u got any crazy dating stories to share with our readers?!
[BD] I met this guy online, we had great conversations about our jobs, common interests, hockey…He had a great sense of humor, didn’t mind making fun of himself. He asked me out for drinks on a Friday night. We decide to go separately and meet at the bar. First drink in, I can already tell he wanted out of there. He kept looking at his phone, hoping that his friend would bail him out. I decided it was Friday and I deserved a least a second martini! As the waitress came with my second, he conveniently got up to go to the bathroom so I would have to pay for it. He came back, I quickly finished my drink and left.

Have you got any questions of your own for the sexy designer? Email me at hello@roxysrendezvous.com !
Here are a few magazines she's been featured in! WOW i'm jealous xo

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