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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hey It's Ok...

...to take everything off before stepping on the scales — underwear, jewelery, even your hairband.

...if you've never had phone sex, cybersex, text sex or anything but sex sex.

...to wear sexy underthings for YOURSELF instead of a guy.

...to think that playing hard to get is ridiculous and dishonest, but do it anyway.

...to say that you were late to meet a friend because of “work deadlines” when, actually, it was an emergency bikini wax.

...to think that the solution for dying batteries is pressing harder on the remote.

...if you don't belong to an online “community”. You've got plenty of real ones thanks.

...or that you actually LIVE and BREATHE your online “community”. Sometimes they feel more real than the tangible ones.

...if you don't own expensive sheets, a vibrator, or your home.



  1. Haha - Great post - had a good laugh! :)