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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Diary Post

I'm starting to feel like my blog is my diary. I never wanted to get this personal with hundreds of web users.
But here i am. Always pouring my heart out...
This time it's hard to say why.
It's overwhelming.

The amount of news i've heard in the last 7 weeks has been crazy. Up and down, and down and up and then down again. To tell the truth. There hasn't been much positive. Except my best friend being a home with her heart in place at right this second (♥ U), and me meeting The Frenchie. And of course a few other happy announcements here and there :) But I have to say, at least my dating scene hasn't been a disaster (or isn't yet). I do feel myself backing away though; because i'm sad. And when i'm sad, i'm even more independent than usual. Which honestly, is really quite problematic.

I just don't want to push him away. Because i kinda like him. And you know, he's kinda cool. And yes, kinda WOW too. lol

Communication is key, right Bruce? You've told me enough times. So has Tash... I have great friends who know me well, and want to see me succeed at this thing called love. Now i just have to figure it out on my end.

I'll try. But i just needed to say, for the record, that i'm sad, and i'm trying my best to be there for everyone xo And we're going to have some drinks tomorrow night. Some much needed drinks.


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  2. Why so sad Roxy?? It sounds like u have so much going for u and this new adventure in your life sounds like it has so much potential. What has u so down? Or should I say...scared??

  3. Hmmm yes, you could say down, and scared. Lots of hard things to deal w recently to ppl i love dearly. Not really about me or my adventures... just constant bad news that shook up the world around me. I'm trying to stay positive tho :) No worries!
    thx for writing xo

  4. You've been there for everyone-now it's your turn to let someone hold your hand, why not let it be frenchie's?!!!
    The good news is that things have to start getting better and brighter, we just have to keep our heads up to catch a glimpse of that light.
    Love ya!