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Thursday, July 8, 2010

A/C installation date !

So i have a car washing, A/C installing, possible-dinner DATE Friday night. Very exciting. Well, the A/C installation part of it anyway! For those not aware... Montreal's been in a serious heat wave all week and my apartment is about 98 degrees (WITHOUT humidity) at the moment. I escaped to sleep at my parents house last night because melting away is NOT a sexy thing.

And yes, i might be using this guy just a LITTLE. But, i already know he's nice, plus we've dated in the past, and IF he can get that A/C to work i will be ELATED! Who knows, if the A/C breeze blows in the right direction, he might even get some! ;)

(He doesn't know this, but that's alright. Let's let him sweat it out. Literally.) hehe

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