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Saturday, July 10, 2010


UPDATE! My A/C works! My “Installation Date” was a success! My “date” installed the old A/C my friends gave me from their garage. I was elated! And was prepared to take him out for supper and a movie to thank him. But he was too “tired” to even stay... He said he wouldn't be good company in the state he was in and could we take a raincheck? I said “sure” of course. I was just thrilled that he still had come by to help me out!
Turns out, he wasn't after any booty at all! Maybe he is, actually, a good guy...
You wouldn't have been able to convince me of THAT last year. Do you remember him? He was my first official blog post because i was soooo in TABARNAQUE against him! Read that post to find out what had pissed me off so much! 
I have to say tho, since then, we've taken a loooong no-talking break, after months we started chatting on MSN again, and now we go to the movies from time to time. And i was honestly shocked that he wanted to help me with this A/C... I thought he must have other motives.
After all that though, i think my lack of feelings for him is pretty clear. I'm pleased that he was just coming over to help me, and expected nothing in return.
At least i know i'm not interested, and he can simply be a guy friend!
On that note, I also want to give a shoutout to my best guy friend, BRUCE, who came all the way out here to help me last Tuesday night. He's the one who did the installation of the first A/C (that we didn't know was broken). Thx JB! Ur the best! xo And also thx to A who gave me this A/C from her garage!  I owe all you guys!

xo kisses

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