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Friday, August 13, 2010

After attempts to switch things around, you come to a conclusion that your significant other is just really not great in bed. Can a relationship succeed this way?

OMG this is such a tough question to answer!
If you are asking me this question, you must feel like sex isn't satisfying for you and/or your significant other?

I think there are many facets to a relationship, and sexuality is just ONE of those facets. HOWEVER, it kind of sets the tone for your intimacy. Feeling close to your partner is needed, and being intimate is usually the best way to express that...

I don't think this issue should immediately be a deal breaker though. You need to talk to each other and express what you like in bed, and what you don't like! It might be a bit of an embarrassing conversation, but well worth it. There are many fun books to buy out there (not just with impossible new positions) but with techniques, toys, questions to ask each other, and games! You can have a lot of fun discovering each other, and for sure can resolve the “being bad in bed” situation.

I think the most important, is for you to express yourself and be honest about what turns you on, and your partner should be able to reciprocate what he or she likes as well.

Now go! Enjoy some good sex! hehe
— Roxy xo

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  1. LOL omgg nono i am quite satisfied and same goes for my partner.

    I'm just asking you questions for your audience in general (even the one question about the friend who no longer believed in love) and how you'd go out about answering them.

    I mean I realize your blog is about your dates but you've had your fair share of serious relationships as well. Lol i pretty much label you as the guru in all this soo just wanted your honest opinion :)