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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How important is it for you to have your friends like your boyfriend and vice versa?

Good question!
I find this is kind of an important question at the moment because it IS important that my friends like my significant other. Even MORE important that my sister likes him!lol But that's a whole other story!! hehe

Friends are the people who are of most importance in my life and will be around BOTH of us if things start to progress into a serious relationship. I find it interesting to know what kind of vibes people get from the guy your seeing. Things that maybe you don't notice or even think of.

Actually, this past weekend, the guy i'm seeing met one of my best friends, AND my best GUY friends—JB and K. I didn't put any extra pressure before “the meet”, but it was imperative that these friends in my life (who are very protective of me) like the “new guy”!

And thank god that they did! What i found interesting, is that THEY noticed things that i didn't. Example: apparently i was sitting on the couch, balancing a baby and a glass of wine (sounds right up my alley right?! lol) and my guy walked in the room and immediately took the glass away and put it somewhere safe. I didn't even notice this. But, this is how my guy friend KNEW that this guy is a good guy! Funny huh? But it's true, my guy (who we TOTALLY need to find a name for now -- what could it be?) he's totally attentive and always pays attention to if i'm comfortable/uncomfortable, and without saying anything he fixes the situation. It's pretty damn nice to have someone thinking of you like that!

Anyway, all to say friends opinions are of utmost importance, as I'm sure HIS are to him! Luckily i already know his best friend, but i'm sure there are a bunch more to meet!

Thanks for the questions! Keep them coming!
—Roxy xo


  1. That's a tough one! On the one hand, your friends know you best and like you said, may see things that you don't. But on the other hand, only you know deep down who is right for you. If your friends like him, it sure does make it easier for group outings too... And if your friends don't like your guy, wouldn't it make you start to question your judgment? Interesting question!

  2. I know, i kept going back in forth in my head about it too. But, normally you and your friends have the same opinion about things, so if you like him, most likely your friends will too. Let's hope! Because it does make it easier!
    I know of some chicas who HATE their friends boyfriends and it drives a huge wedge between them..

  3. Wow...this sounds like u found a rare one Roxy! Let things just progress naturally...maybe this is ur Mr. Right?!

  4. Thanks Ms.Anonymous I will take this day by day ;) Maybe it is, who knows!