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Monday, August 30, 2010

Bridesmaid... Never a Bride...

So next weekend it's one of my BFF's weddings, and it's a full fun-packed weekend, and once again i'll be the hottest bridesmaid in town ;) hehe just kidding! There will be 3 other HOT bridesmaids at this wedding, trust me!
I kind of feel like the girl in 27 Dresses, ever seen that movie? It kind of plays on the theory of “always a bridesmaid, never a bride”. But u know what, i'm ok with that (for a while! lol). There's no rush in my life to be the next one planning a wedding. Far from it. Planning is NOT one of my strong points and i do NOT look forward to that stuff.
...the perfect ring on my finger... and the pretty dress... and a guy telling me he'll love me forever.... well... THOSE are the things that i dream about! But i guess one day, my time will come...
Maybe AFTER all these big BFF-weddings (this is the 3rd that i'm a bridesmaid in, and counting...) if i'm a lucky girl, i might just go down south one day to escape the drama of planning! Who knows what i'll do.. i'll be 50 anyways right? ;) HAHA ok enough pity-party!! My friends don't appreciate that attitude!
So... next weekend, the bachelorette is planned, the pre-wedding mani-pedis and supper is booked, the wedding-day has some last minute scheduling to be arranged, and the morning-after brunch is scheduled. What else is there to do but save up my pennies, and ENJOY!! (right KK? Enjoy! It'll be over in a flash!)

So... fellow readers, stay tuned for fun party moments!
And I know i've (kinda) given up drinking and all... but i think i'll allow myself a few drinks on this special occasion. ESPECIALLY, since it's the FIRST time that i have a DATE who will be with me at the wedding AND coming home with me AFTER the wedding!! ;) Yes yes, don't worry, i am talking about Mr.Energizer!!! You will be right J?! hahaha kisses xo

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