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Friday, August 6, 2010

So there's This Guy... i've been seeing

So there's this guy... isn't there always?!... that i've been seeing.

And i haven't written about him much to everyone's disappointment — well maybe once...
I just decided on a new tactic for this one... trying NOT to put pressure on it, or jinx it.

So basically i decided to NOT talk about it, even though he's been wonderful every step of the way. I guess every girl gets tired of dates never working out the way you hope they would. And sometimes when your feelings are involved and “out there” (like mine of the world wide web!), it can get... extra frustrating.

But now, there's good things going on here, so i feel the need to talk, so here it goes. Let's hope i don't jinx this!

We met through friends (good friends for both of us actually, which is dangerous if things go sour — so let's keep this amicable people!). I made up a random excuse to write to him on FB (which he totally called me out on the other day — embarassing! But hey, my brother will ONE day need a job, just maybe not immediately though, or at this guy's company...)
Anyway, we started emailing non-stop, which turned into chatting, which morphed into texting — which we are now doing constantly + now we are seeing each other a few times a week.

The first date was a Saturday afternoon movie, then he fixed my BBQ (gotta get something practical done even if the date goes bad!) and then supper on the newly fixed BBQ.
The next day (no he didn't stay over), we went to Calypso Water Park — fun fun fun — i realized how fun this guy can be and how adventurous he is! Super super fun day & good night kiss @ the end of the night, which was much anticipated ;)

Then, another supper and movie night chez moi... only i was in a bad headspace for this one... so not much to talk about there. Do other girls get that alot? So much emotional turmoil going on, that you can't even enjoy the nice cute guys who's in front of you? My emotional baggage is taking up alot of my head and heart space these days, and i am trying my best to look through all that, and really see the great guy standing in front of me.

This past weekend i let myself relax a little — tone down the drama in my head — and just be me. Up north. On the water. In kayak, seadoos and boats. With my feet in the sand. By the campire looking like a hillbilly at nighttime! Watching the stars. It felt great. He was great. The whole weekend we were up there together at a friend's cottage. And he impressed me to no end. It's like he “gets me” without knowing me. He's heard all the bad stories: yes even the one about me almost throwing a toddler in a bonfire (that was a while ago, in a very drunken moment — and no children were ever actually harmed in the process!) and yes he knows about my blog (don't think he knows the address yet tho — if you do — hi J xo). He even offered to do something crazy on our upcoming date (tonight!) so that i could have something juicy to write about! How thoughtful, but i said NO THANKS! lol 
... He feeds me when i'm hungry and shaky, he brought lemon meringue pie to my apartment at 10pm just because i had a craving, he massages sore muscles without me saying a word, and most of all, we can talk for hours and still somehow have things to say...
So, you're saying “what's the catch?” right? Well, that's the thing : i don't know — yet.
I know a few things he's into that might cause a problem...but i really don't want to focus on minor things right now...
I'm not in denial — he's courting me, so everything's wonderful right now. But the best thing i'm learning is that he might be that wonderful long term too... some guys just are! I know some of these “rare species of men” — they are married to some of my friends! hehe

So that's it. No jinxing, i'm just saying... I'm happy. xo


  1. What kind of baggage are u carrying Roxy? Is it an ex? Don't let it spoil ur chance at real love sweetie!

  2. No no, this is not “ex-baggage”. Luckily none of them are in my head anymore!
    This is a different kind of emotional turmoil...
    But , yes you're right, i shouldn't let it spoil my chance at love. That's why i'm trying my hardest! thx xo

  3. loll I don't get "I know a few things he's into that might cause a problem..."

    He sounds really cute doing all that nice stuff, but whatever you do, do not sleep with him soon! It may be the hardest thing to do because you might want to as well. But ya, it's crazy what some guys would do for sex (so watch out for the nice gestures) but there is a limit to which they'll tolerate before really losing interest.

    Haha I don't mean to sound negative (and btw I'm not like traumatized with my past relationships or anything..i haven't had one...just see my close friends go through so much shit and shock because the guy seemed to be too good to be true..but that was it..too good to be TRUE)

    Just saying its good to be cautious and stick to you're guns. Intuition is sometimes underrated!


  4. lolll btw I read some of your other entries, it's really funny because there's like Montreal/laval-related mentions and I GET them hahaha. I found your blog through the Dynamite blog lolll I used to work at Dynamite

  5. LOL, thx for the advice Susie. At first i was cautious, and still am being for certain things, but he wasn't doing all that for sex. Thank god! lol. So, we can rule that worry out of the equation ;)
    And i'm starting to realize that's he's not “too good to be true”, i think he's just a good fit — which is rare to find. Anyway, we'll see how it goes! I'll keep updating ;) Follow me on Twitter or on Facebook for frequent day to day updates xo

    P.S. have you had Mtl-Laval “issues” too? hehe If you have stories, lmk and you can be featured on my blog! Email me @ roxysrendezvous@gmail.com