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Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Almost Ran Over My Ex...

So, everyone knows that you always bump into your exes when ur having a bad hair day, and looking like shit. Unfortunately, in my case, when you've dated about half the city, this coincidence seems to happen more often than not!

2 weeks ago, i'm casually shopping at the Dynamite in Kirkland, in my bummy clothes, my hair's a mess, i'm one of those moods for some retail therapy and just wanting to find a sexy top for my night out... i'm on the way to the dressing room and BAM! realize this guy i dated a few summer's ago is sitting on the only chair in the changing area. His head's down, playing on his blackberry, pretty much blocking the entrance. I freeze in my tracks and quickly duck into some rolling racks nearby before he sees me. I was planning on walking around the store until his girlfriend had finished trying on her clothes, but this chick is taking forever and i haven't got all day. So, i kept sneaking closer and closer, waiting for my moment, and then bam! his head went back down concentrating on his phone again and i pretty much ran into the cabin waiting for me,running over the salesgirl in the process. He didn't notice a thing (at least i think not).

I escaped that awkward “hi how are you...”“...good, u?”“great...” conversation, with the guy's girlfriend watching my back, thinking i'm after her man. Seriously people, if i'm not dating your guy it's because something didn't work out, and we don't want to be together!
Anyway, so awkward meeting with hottie #1 averted (did i mention he looked hot? ...anyway...) .

So, then my luck strikes again with guy #2 tonight! AGH! This guy was actually a popular feature on my blog about a year ago. He's The Guy Who Was Married ! Read up on that story to refresh your memory! LOL

So i'm driving home from work, totally into my music, annoyed with drivers on Queen Mary, avoiding cars and pedestrians left right and center and BAM! who do i almost run over?! The Guy Who Was Married! We lock eyes, he looks scared, and then he smiles recognizing me, and what do i do? I drive away (without hitting him of course). No smile, no nod of recognition from me. I almost kill him and then escaped just as quickly. Half way down the street it sinks in that i've just acted like a complete ass. I dated him briefly, it's not like i owe him an anything, but ... that WAS a little rude of me. Wasn't it? sigh. I don't want to be one of “those runaway girls”, but i guess that i am!

What's up with me avoiding exes like the plague? I guess you never know what you're going to do until the pressure's on... Do you think i should have pulled over and said hi? Even with the crazy traffic on the street? Please let me know so that i can free my worried conscience! lol


  1. Don't give it a second thought Roxy...u were preoccupied and he obviously isn't EVEN a blip on ur radar!

  2. No big deal. If this was a relationship you wanted to invest in (even at a friendship level), then maybe send him a quick text to apologize for almost killing him lol. Otherwise, if you have no interest in this guy, do nothing. Or if feeling wicked, text him to apologize for missing. Hahaha