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Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Guy Who Was Married....

So... rewind back to January earlier this year....
I was getting into the swing of this dating site... I was enjoying chatting to numerous guys, all who seemed super interested in meeting the “new” me. I was excited.

So, when my online crush asked me to meet, i could hardly wait! First date butterflies are the best! And this was my first “online” blind date -- a whole different ballgame!

He asked me for brunch, which was totally cute. For safety (yes even at brunch), my (amazing, but protective) sister was determined to have breakfast at the same resto as me. Just to make sure my online date wasn't an online wack-job. lol

He wasn't. I signaled my sister mid-way through the date so that she could leave whenever she felt like it, he was kinda cute. I thought i was lucky, because he seemed nice and sincere and normal...
...then the facebook research started...
And let me just say, that i didn't go out of my way to find out this info! It just fell into my lap with surprising ease. A best bud (no names, no worries chicas) figured out that she knew him from high school, casually mentioned his name to a few of her friends and BAM! Phone call back to me telling me to check my sources and facebook because this guy's MARRIED!
So, low and behold i nit-picked through his photos and there it was, plain as day, albums and albums that his friends still had posted of HIS wedding day!! He was still tagged in them, and it turned out that the wedding was merely 18months ago! ...strange... there had been no “ex” talk between us, and definitely no “wife”talk.

But, i tried to stay positive, as much as this new found info was surprising, i didn't let it take over our new found connection. I began to ask questions, to hint at things, so that he could open up at his own pace, but nada.
I even checked for tanlines, but there were none!! lol
So, i gathered that either he was in denial about the fact that he was most likely still married or separated and the ring was in a drawer somewhere; OR he just really didn't think it was relevant. Either way, i was beginning to think that he was irrelevant!

3rd date in, weeks later, and this just wasn't going anywhere anyway, so why trudge out this past? We parted ways and i never did ask him directly about his marriage.
Either way, i was now skeptical about how this “in depth” dating site had neglected to get me such vital info !

But i had bought a 3 month membership to the online site, and as my roomates put it — i'd better get my money's worth!!


  1. "Jennifer"September 21, 2009 at 9:21 AM

    Proof that all the "good" ones are taken!

  2. What a sleazebag... Hope his wife dumps his sorry ass.