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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gentlemen prefer crazy alcoholic redheads!

So it turns out that gentlemen prefer crazy alcoholic redheads! Read my friends recap of her night! I wish all my crazy drunken rants turned out like this!! hehe

"So this past week end I went to a Halloween party at a friends place. I went as Lindsay Lohan in case anyone is wondering. Anyway it was slim pickings when it came to the men so Lindsay, doing what she does best, turned to the drink!

I guess I had brought some beer with me to the party and placed it in a community cooler, which I wasnt aware of at the time. Anyway, drunken lindsay spots a (CUTE) boy drinking her beer and proceeds to chew him out in front of a kitchen full of people (Im not a great drunk, Ill admit it). I think there was maybe some yelling, not sure :S anyway the next day, after realizing what I did, and after everyone soo kindly reminded me, I decided to send him a message on facebook to apologize. Well we start chatting, hes actually a pretty cool guy, as Im a pretty cool girl ;) and Im happy (and shocked) to say that we are going on our first date this week end :)

So there you, the moral of this story ANYTHING is possible, even when you dont tame your inner Lindsay!"

Thx Lindsay ;)
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