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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Do you think that people tend to stay together out of insecurity?

Formspring question:
Have any of your long-term relationships resulted in a break-up then reconciliation? Do you think that people tend to stay together out of insecurity?
Yes, and yes. Almost every one of my serious relationships have had break-ups and make-ups ... I think every situation is different though. Some people need the drama and fights to resolve issues and move forward, others can call it quits immediately, with no room for reconciliation...
I think a lot of the time, people do tend to stay together out insecurity... especially if it's their first boyfriend and they started dating young.
How do you know he's the one, when you've never seen what else is out there?! 
But that's a scary thought to many, and i think that's why people tend to stay in relationships that aren't healthy or happy. The dating world can be ruthless, and you need confidence to be successful. But the thought of finding someone who can love you unconditionally is worth the risk!!
If you're scared of leaving your significant other, just remember this... I would rather be single, happy and rocking my own life, than in a relationship that's on-and-off-again and not satisfying me!

— Roxy xo

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