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Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Spirit...

The lights are up... the tree is glittering (ok only half way for now, pics to come when it's done)... presents are underneath it; ready to be wrapped... snow is on the ground... holiday songs are playing in the air... xmas movies on TV... but no xmas spirit to be found...
Makes me wonder... where does this “spirit” come from anyway?
Will it suddenly hit me?
OR maybe this year is a year, where, instead, i'll be thankful for the people in my life... and think back on this whirlwind of a year that just happened... I'll hug my mom when she's thinking of her mom who passed away. I'll hug the new friends i've made, and kiss the ones i've always had. Especially my best friend... she might just need a few extra kisses she can share with her new puppy. I'll put up some mistletoe just so that i can have another romantic kiss with my boyfriend. I'll be thankful for him, my family, my friends and all of our health. I'll send cards to my family in England, and tell my grandad i love him. I'll bring my godson toys on xmas day and kiss him til he giggles and pushes me away. I'll be thankful to see a good friend and pray for her health every night. I'll fight the bad weather and make the extra effort to see the ones that i love.

Maybe that's all xmas is about anyway... Loving the ones I love. Not because i'm supposed to. But because i can.   And maybe then... the magic of xmas will surround me...

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  1. The sweetest post ever!! I can feel the Christmas spirit already bubbling inside of you!! You may just get a couple of hugs and kisses back too-especially from the puppy!!!!!! Thanks for bringing some holiday spirit to me :)