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Saturday, January 7, 2012


I got a humbling surprise in the mail yesterday. A good friend of mine who lives in Toronto sent me a snail mail letter about how much she appreciates me; “the top 5 reasons why i'm awesome”. lol

At first she made me laugh, but by the end i was in tears. It's rare these days that we tell each other how we feel. We have so much technology available, but somehow it seems that this only allows us to be more disconnected from each other. It honestly felt good to know how much someone appreciates me, and to have it said in handwritten letter makes it so much more personal.

I'm guilty of not calling friends i used to call because i see how they're doing on Facebook. But they don't know that i care/think about them. And let's be honest, a phone call or coffee date with a friend is A MILLION TIMES better than a “Facebook like”.

On this note, i will not allow myself to ONLY use my blog or Facebook to say much i care about my friends. I will make it my mission to tell them/show them, in some way, how much i love and appreciate them.

Thank you Val xx You really made my day yesterday!

— Roxy xo

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