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Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Car Guy :: Part2

So, if you haven't read my blog post from last week: The Car Guy, read that before you read this so you know the beginning of the story!

Ok, so now that you've done that... you want to know if the guy called, right?!

Well, yes, he texted almost everyday for a week! I was super busy and had plans every night that week, until finally one Friday night i had a few hours free between work and a friends party in the city. So we decided to meet up.

To be honest, the sarcastic tone in his text messages were starting to get irritating. Don't get me wrong: I am a very sarcastic person and appreciate sarcasm in a HUGE way, so for THIS to annoy me said something about his character. Most msgs were poking fun at the fact that i was so busy... And i'm sorry friends, but i'm not about to apologize for having a fabulously fun-filled life! And anyway, i didn't even know him, so why would he become my priority? ...some men think they're God's Gift...

So, as you can tell, i was a little resistant to meet him, and slightly regretting my rash judgment of the previous week, but i agreed to meet him. One date. What could be the harm in that? I called my sister to let her know my plans. I was meeting him at Mt-Royal Beaver Lake for a walk at 7pm. My sister was furious; she felt it was a very unsafe venue considering i had NO idea who this guy was. I realized she was right, so i agreed to her PlanB (since PlanA was to cancel, but i don't like to do that): which was to hide a “wine opener equipped with pocket knife” as a weapon in my purse! I felt silly putting it there, but did it anyway. Couldn't hurt right?

My sister also planned to call everyday 20-30mins and i HAD to answer, or she would come looking for me in the woods. I promised i'd stay at Beaver Lake, and would NOT go in the woods or hike up the mountain with him!

So, the time came and i met him in the parking lot — in our cars— a comfortable place for both of us obviously— to start the date. Everything started off well; a little awkward at first, but soon enough we talked for hours, about life, work, friends, family, hobbies, sports. I found out quickly that he was NOT shy.

But, what was i expecting from a guy who hung out his car window to get my attention?!
He was so up front and brutally honest. He asked lots of personal questions. I usually shy away from being so talkative about my hopes&desires, but he really wanted to know, so i opened up a little more than usual.

Everything was going great. I was answering the phone to my sister who kept calling, like she said she would. Had my best friend checking up on me too. I was surprised no one was spying on me from the other side of the lake! lol Then, as it started to get darker out, and the conversation continued to flow, he said: “Would you mind if i ask you a direct question?”. I laughed and said “Sure”. He'd already been so honest and up front , i didn't think he could ask me anything else too surprising...

He then said: “Can I cook you breakfast in the morning?”
Um.What? I shook my head and rolled my eyes... Why is it when you think things are going well, one comment can just fuck them all up?! OMFG So i turned to him, looked up, and said “No. You're not cooking me breakfast. And you're not seeing me in the morning. Because, i will NOT be with you tonight” He tried to laugh it off, change the subject, and move past it, but i couldn't forget what he had asked me. It's not that i'm a prude, but 'cmon you don't just ASK someone like that. It's one thing if the nights going well, and one thing leads to another, but it's another to book me ahead of time!

So, at this point, i was not impressed, and decided to start steering our walk towards our cars. This date was going downhill quickly in my opinion. Especially since he kept mentioning that he never gets turned down, so he KNOWS that i'll be calling him later. He KNOWS that i'll change my mind. He's simply TOO charming. OMG this guy was a hoot. He was nowhere NEAR as hot as he thought he was! And there was no way in hell i was ever calling him again. I even said, while laughing at him, that i really doubted i would EVER be calling him again. He laughed thinking i was the comedian, but really, the joke was on him. I've never met someone with an ego like his!

I left in my car as quickly as I could, leaving him grinning, thinking i was playing a cute game of cat and mouse. But really, I was SUPER happy to have ended the date when i did, and decided that i would NEVER pull over for someone on the road again.

And , HE was the one who called and texted me later that night, saying “cmon i know you want to...” (a phone call i never answered of course) and for weeks after. I guess he eventually realized that i was being truthful when i said i wouldn't be seeing him ever again. And to this day, I still get random calls from him. I never answer.


  1. Oh brother... What a Lame-O! Who do these guys think they are??? Good for you for sticking your ground. God knows how many girls he tried that crap with!?