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Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween romance ♥

So... who knew a Vampire and Tiger Woods could have such a connection?!

Ok , so you all guessed: my exciting news is that i met someone who seems funny, very cute, mature, sweet and normal!! lol I only met him for the first time at my Halloween Party on Saturday. It was kind of a setup... we have some mutual friends. I was the vampire (remember the sexy vampire costume? It worked ladies!!)and he was Tiger Woods. A pretty damn good look-a-like if you ask me! We talked all night and he seems pretty awesome from what i know. I would die if he read this post right here, but i'm taking a chance and doing it anyway.

So i was kinda freaking because he hadn't called, and he had seemed so interested in doing something this week. So tonight, after some good advice from a great friend ValTheCityGal, i just texted him. It's already been 2 days, so i figured what's the harm?

Anyway, it worked out great. I texted, he called and he said i beat him to the punch - he was planning on calling me tonight. So... i was lady-like and let him decide where he's taking me for dinner on Wednesday! sweet! Sounds like fun! I'm sure i'll be tweeting all about it on Wednesday before the date. I'm already actually nervous for this one. I don't usually get nervous on dates!! I'm the Queen of dating!! lol

Anyhoo, stay tuned Roxy fans!! Wish me luck!! xo

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  1. Of course he called! You were one sexy-cute Vampire!!