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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Top 10 Things to NOT Say on a First Date

I was tweeting aimlessly the other day and the trending topic was “things not to say on a first date” — i thought i had heard some bad lines from my dating experience, but some of the things people were coming up with were hilarious! I was almost late to work cuz i couldn't stop reading.

Here are my Top 10 favorite. They were hard to pick because there were so many!! Enjoy!!

10. ...can i cook you breakfast in the morning? (that was mine = car guy)
9. I'm blogging this date. (i swear i never did this! that's just plain rude to tell them!! lol)
8. ...so if you're anything like your sister, i won't have to bother with a massage
7. i hope you're not this slow in the bedroom
6. i saw your best friend on facebook and man she's is hottttt (that was mine too — i haven't got to his story yet!! and yes my best friend is hot, but that's not what i want to hear on a date! luv u K)
5. and...your name was?
4. my ex just called... (his ex showing up on the date is much worse than this, trust me!)
3. you looked better in your profile picture
2. i masturbated to your facebook pics (ewwwwww!!!!)
And #1 worst thing to say on a first date = “do you give head?
Enjoy the rest of the weekend peeps! I'm on my way home from T.O by now!

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