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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Roxy's New Year's Resolution

Hmmm i've been thinking about this one for a few weeks now...
What do i REALLY want to focus on in this New Year? ...finding my Mr.Right... workout to get my body healthier... less stress... eat better... spend less... pay off debts... save for all those wonderful things i want and places i want to go... spend more time with the ones i love... drink less (and don't make a fool of myself at Office Xmas Parties!!!)...

So... when it comes down to it, i just want to improve on ME. Improve myself in many facets of life. There's not ONE thing i need or want more than all the others.

So, can my New Year's Resolution simple be : BE A BETTER ME.?
I think i'll have less chance of failing that way too. Some things are bound to work, and some things will take more time (like the whole no drinking thing...i mean, who are we kidding here?).

I think overall this past year was SO much fun! I did alot alot of things, and i've been busy almost every second of the year. Literally. You can ask my colleagues! I mean, after all, i was getting over a breakup for part of the year. Everyone's allowed some fun, right? But, with dwindling amounts in my bank account, i think the responsible Roxy needs to come out to play for a little while. So, maybe instead of going out for drinks with my bestest, i should stay at home and make her a martini instead. You meet a lot less guys that way... but cmon' it's -28 degrees outside anyway. How many guys are going to find you attractive with an Eskimo jacket and woolly toque on anyway?? The guy i'm seeing (who you all know as : Tiger) thinks i look like a Rastafarian with one of my winter toques on... that can't be good! but, i don't care, it's cold!

So, all this to say that i think i need to take a little time to chill and be a better me this year. Less frivolous spending, more quality time with family and friends, healthier eating, and yes, i'll try to cut-down on the drinking! I think that's the best New Year's Resolution i can make for myself :)

Be responsible at all your parties tonight, i know i will ;)
Let 2010 be your year of love, sex and magic!! hehe


  1. Well said and well done! :)

  2. what are all YOUR New Years Resolutions? i can't be the only one!