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Friday, January 1, 2010

Top 10 Crazy Dating Moments of 2009

So as most of you now by now, this year has been full of crazy dating experiences for me... i mean, that was the whole reason i started this blog. And let me tell you , i haven't even finished telling all my funny dating stories! Stay tuned in the New Year for more stories from yours truly ;)

So, here's a recap of the funniest dating moments of the year... some you've heard, some i still need to write about!

10. Drunken date says to me: “I saw a picture of your best friend on Facebook and damn she's hot!” (as he's eyeing the waitress' ass!)

9. My valentine's day date shows up at my apartment with a oversized bottle of Jack Daniels. No flowers. Just Jack. (WITHOUT knowing that i love Jack.) Let's just say his “obvious” plan didn't work out.

8. The Videotron guy dancing around my living room to Suavemente!

7. My date comes to cook me a birthday supper, but asks ME to pick up and pay for all the groceries on my way home from work.

6. Showed up to meet a guy from the dating site, and finding out that he's in his late forties with long gray hair...

5. Exs simply being total self-centered pricks. Oops did i just say that...

4. First date: Nice conversation. Then date says to me: “Can i cook you breakfast in the morning?”. The date was over pretty fast.

3. My phone date with the guy with anxiety and uncontrollable farting... 'nuf said. lol.

2. Receiving a photo-txt-msg of my naked ex-boyfriend while out for lunch with colleagues... awkward!

1. Mid-way through a date, the guy's girlfriend shows up at the door. Not happy to see ME mid-wine bottle on his couch. Then she waited in his bedroom until i leave!

Sigh... let's hope it's only good stories this year!!
Happy New Year!


  1. Hahahahaaaaa omg you have the best dating stories I've ever heard. How can all these things happen to the same person?? :)

  2. It's just my charm i guess! LOL

  3. Omg...this is great stuff! Totally entertaining! Please tell us the naked message wasn't from the ex you deal with daily! Lol

  4. LOL u guessed right! Now u know why i said AWKWARD! lmao

  5. LMAO! was this recently?! what would posess someone to do this?! I'm SO curious lol, how the hell did u handle THAT situation?? :)

  6. No it was this summer. Sigh... my summer of drama! lol I wrote back to him and said “WTF!!” haha
    He simply said: “what ?! u don't like?”
    OH LORD gimme a break! He doesn't get me at all!!

  7. Hehehe...I hope u gave him a good comeback Roxy! & hopefully no more pics!
    Maybe he needs to find himself a girlfriend LOL

  8. worst part! He HAD and still has the same girlfriend. !!!
    Comebacks don't really work on him, so i just told him “Actually NO, not interested”. A few weeks later i got a few MORE pics, and THEN i told him to f*ing stop! Sometimes the direct way is the only way people will hear you...

  9. OMG...u can't be serious?! He's sending naked pics to an ex when he's WITH someone?!!? No offense Roxy, but what kind of a*hole does crap like that?? His girlfriend probably has no clue. Good riddance for u...hopefully u were treated better during the relationship.

  10. LOL i know. Trust me, i know. But, fortunately he did (somewhat) treat me better while we were together. I know he wasn't sexting anyone else at least!

  11. Well, you're smart...glad u didn't settle for this, u deserve better. Hopefully Tiger makes a HUGE difference in your life! :)

  12. Ah my dear! We can say that you had a weird dating year! I wish you all the best for 2010. But I have to say that my favorite dating guy is #10 hahahah.! Love u xx