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Monday, January 11, 2010

Is HE cheating on YOU?

Ok so there's this article i found from MADEMEN that i think everyone in a relationship should read. It's called “Is she cheating on you?”.

Reading this was interesting because the advice is from a male perspective, and about “women cheaters”. Honestly though, the advice stands for women as well. We may be of different sex but we all act the same if and when we're being dishonest. The change in behavior is evident, whether you're a girl or guy. Suddenly He (or She!) is Just Not That Into You!! lol

I have to say, from someone perspective who's been there and had someone cheat on me, i think it's a very conscientious article on how things crumble when someone's dishonest. So, read up on the 5 signs! I'm not saying to be over-suspicious, i just want all my chicas protected. I listened to my gut when it was time to, and am better off for it :)

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