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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fave Trending Topic of The Week : #bestadvice

One of Twitter's trending topics the other day was #bestadvice. And as i read some of the tweets, i came across some great advice i'd like to share with ya'll ;) Here's all the BEST ADVICE I could give you, wrapped up into one!! (ignore spelling mistakes; i copy pasted what ppl really wrote)

♥ Truly enjoy your OWN company, before expecting anyone else to enjoy yours.

♥ Quit seeking relationships, let it happen naturally.

♥ kick him to the curb!

♥ DONT FALL IN LOVE! its painful!

♥ do something you love for a living and u never work a day in your life!

♥ Life & Death are quite complex--we never know the time or day of either, but what we do know is how you lived.

♥ never make sOmebOdy yOur everything cuz Once their gOne u have nOthing!!

♥ never try anal without lube (LMAO – what a random tweet!)

♥...never settle for less

♥ take me as i am, or have nothing at all!

♥ if u have to convince someone to be with you, you've already lost them

♥ never worry too much

♥ stop letting these social sites ruin your relationship

♥ if you gonna hurt some1 close 2 you make sure its gonna be worth it

♥ best advice someone gave me was, you always have a choice.

♥ face ur fears or they will be your worst enemy

♥ Dont call ur woman crazy durin an argument "Crazy?!?! I'll show u CRAZY!!!"

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