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Friday, January 22, 2010

TOP 25 Places to Have Sex in America!

Ok , so i'm a little disturbed by an article i just read on www.yourtango.com... the article is called:

Top 25 Places To Have Sex In America

A new book offers suggestions for where to get it on.


This article gives a condensed list of their favorite places from the new book: 1,001 Best Places To Have Sex In America: A When, Where, and How Guide

I'm not disturbed because i'm a prude or anything... i'm actually kind of proud i can mentally tick off a few of these places myself. What bothers me is, who's REALLY having sex in these places? I certainly have not seen anyone having sex in their car while waiting for the drive-thru at Wendy's!!!! Thank god! I don't think the site of that would give me much appetite, especially the “American version” of that!
Also, “high up in a tree”?! Are American's all of a sudden very acrobatic? Not from what the media portrays anyway...hmmm. That seems very challenging, and that's coming from me: the cheerleader!
So, without any further ado, here are the TOP 25 PLACES TO HAVE SEX IN AMERICA (with my commentary! ) :
How many can YOU tick off? ;)

1) In the Shower
(blah blah)

2) On the Shore of a Beautiful Secluded Lake (... just bring a blanket people)

3) In the Locker Room at the Gym (really?! are YOUR locker rooms co-ed? i would not want to see that... unless it's the hot physical trainer... )

4) In the Highest Row of a Concert

5) In the Dark Corner of a Hookah Lounge (don't know what a HOOKAH Lounge is, but i've seen some ppl do the nasty in a nightclub... i might even have been looking in a mirror! lol. sshhh)

6) While You're Out Test-Driving a New Car (what?! that's gross!! Other people drive those cars too ppl!)

7) On the Balcony of Your Hotel Room hot ;)

8) At a Public Library Between the Stacks of Books

9) In the Parking Lot of Your Local Police Precinct (as long as you don't scream too loud!)

10) High Up in a Tree (i guess Americans are all of a sudden very acrobatic...)

11) While Waiting in Line at a Fast-Food Drive Through (obviously the drivethru is not very “fast”, or the guys are record holders!)

12) On a Ferris Wheel at Night

13) On the Teacher's Desk (extra points if YOU'RE the teacher! lol)

14) While Handcuffed to Your Bed At Home

15) In a Huge Lecture Hall During a Lecture (beats passing notes i guess! lol)

16) In a Cemetery on a Dark, Foggy Night (whoa i think i'd be too scared!)

17) In the Stairwell of Your Office Building (sorry Andrew, lol)

18) In a Tent on a Camping Trip (just remember that EVERYONE else CAN hear. Everything.)

19) On a Bearskin Rug by the Fire

20) At the Lincoln Memorial (weird.)

21) In the Confessional (they've been watching too much Californiacation)

22) In the Loft of a Barn Full of Hay (with Clark Kent?)

23) At Your Team's Stadium (the Bell Center's a bit cold, but i'm sure ppl have made it happen ;)

24) At a Sex Museum (didn't know that existed! )

25) Climax, CO (just CHEESY.)

If you want to read the yourtango article for yourself, click here.

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  1. Omg, some of those are pretty ballsy! And I don't think I'm a prude (too much) but jeez...get a room people! :) The test driving a new car is just gross... In the confessional?!!?! Maybe with the priest? LOL So wrong...