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Live. Love. Learn. Life is short, it's time to do the things you love! My friends are my heart, my family is my rock. I just turned 30 and i'm trying not to panic! I have a fabulous apartment in the city, and some crazy dating stories! Read, interact and enjoy xx

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Roxy's Ramblings


  1. Which one has u feeling reflective Roxy?

  2. the one my heart won't let me forget...

  3. oh my...is this the one u work with??

  4. nope...
    but, as of Monday i don't work with that ex anymore anyway!

  5. no longer working with the ex?! nice lol

    sorry that someone has ur heart tied up...what a vicious beast love can be :(

    keep the spirits up, spring is just around the corner...mr. right is out there somewhere...don't settle for less than ur dream guy! :)))

  6. hehe thx Anonymous! That's always nice to hear. Sometimes hard to believe, but with good friends you can believe anything! Let's just hope they're all right!