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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The eharmony gods are talking to me...literally.

Ok, let me start at the beginning....

So i was bored this Saturday and decided to, once again, take my dating life by the reigns. Well, not full throttle, but slowly ;) I decided to peak at Zoosk (facebook's dating site). Let me tell you, it's quite funny. It's free, but you only get 2 msgs between you and another Zoosk member. After that, to see any messages you have to pay for their Premium service.
Ya ok. I don't see who in their right mind would pay for this shitty dating site! It's every Joe-Blo you can imagine who “winks” at you. Everyone's handing out their facebook profiles and msn emails left, right and center. Thing is that Zoosk blocks any email address you write in your message (they want you to pay for their site). So everyone's figured out how to write their message strategically. So much for getting to know each other! Messages are more like puzzles:

Zoosk Guy sends “Wink wink ur cute
So if i'm interested, i would have to write: “Hey ur cute 2, if u wanna ch_a_t reach me at roxy at roxysrendezvous point com.”
That's as far as the conversation goes. If he sends me another message i would have to pay to see it.
And even then, Zoosk might block out a few words. Really quite pathetic.

Some people even start translating their email accounts. Ex: Join me at “le courriel qui est chaud”.... (aka hotmail). Or : Mon nom est Andy, trouve moi sur “ le livre avec un visage” (aka facebook).

Anyway, getting on to the story. i'll have more on Zoosk funnies another time. 
Now Sunday rolls along, and a guy i used to date (the guy who's girlfriend showed up on our date, remember him?) is on MSN. So we start chatting. (I'm totally over him and what he did, so i can be friendly again) Then he starts telling me that he's rejoined eharmony; mainly because he had met ME on it and he had such a great time dating me until he fucked it all up (his words, not mine, but i have to say that i concur!! lol). So he thought: why not give this site another shot? So get this : he hasn't even been on a month and he's met someone he's crazy about! So i start teasing him about being in the “eharmony commericals” (sorry eharmony, but cmon! cheese-a-lish).

So as we're joking back and forth i get an email from this guy I had met on eharmony a YEAR ago! Randomly, just like that! And he’s saying sorry he’s been out of touch, but he wanted to know if we can get together for coffee. His name is Kristopher Noneofyourbusiness. Seriously. That’s his hotmail name. Not very appealing in my opinion. Worst part is that I can’t remember if this was one of the random guys that I went for coffee with and then flushed immediately after...or if we never actually got to that stage. So I will have to write him back and be honest. Something along the lines of: “dude I don’t know who you are, can u give me a hint?!” lol I’m surprised however that he remembers me...

So THEN it’s not over yet! I’m checking my Twitter feed and this guy: eharmony_jack randomly tweets me that “236 ppl on average per day get married from using eharmony”. I don't know how he found me, and I didn't believe him, so i tweet'd him back and he sent me this to read; in which it explains that those stats are shockingly true.
The eharmony statistics were literally speaking to me; question is: should i listen ?
So all this to say; I feel like the online dating Gods are seriously trying to get my attention, so if I can haggle a deal on a membership with eharmony then I think I’ll join for a little while. ;) hint hint eharmony_jack ;)
... And i'll tough out a couple more days of Zoosk (over 100 msgs in my inbox today alone!), just to enrich my already funny Zoosk Stories that i will be posting soon! LOL

Think of all the fun that's to come!!!
Spring has officially sprung!! HAHa

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  1. Excellent - there's nothing like putting yourself out there and meeting people. You never know if you'll find a diamond in the rough (or at the very least a reasonably decent cubic zirconia). :)