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Friday, March 26, 2010

When Will It All Be Over?

I just discovered a blog today (a nicely designed blog, may i add) and i couldn't believe that the only post i saw was this: “i'm done

Her name is Addison Woods, and from what i gather, her ex found her blog, and now she's done. I am so curious to know what kind of posts she had been writing to delete everything from this guys view.
If my ex saw my site, or even the guys i've been on dates with, i'd say: READ and LEARN. They would know the truth about how they hurt me and how i feel about life in general. They would also see that i'm fine now: I'm not that chained up little person still in love with you (yes i'm quoting Gloria Gaynor!) hehe

So, my message to Addison Woods, is keep up the good work, let your heart sing, and let it alllll hang out. He'll finally know your truth! (ok if you put posts about cheating on him or something then maybe removing selective posts is a good idea). But, from reading your bio, and your fans comments, you seem like a very interesting person, who should continue to be heard!

Anyhoo chica, you can always write on my blog if you need to vent! I think i'll be sticking around for a while. Any advice for Addison? Write her some comments below!

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