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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Naked Guy

ok so i'm really excited! I have a date with a guy i'm interested in tomorrow night. He's taking me to see the movie Shutter Island, cuz that's what i wanted to see. He's already seen it once, but he said he doesn't mind seeing it a second time: he said he'll have more time to focus on me that way. I don't know if that's creepy or cute, but because i like him, i'll just think of it as cute! lol
 So, you're probably wondering why the title of this post is NAKED GUY. 
I'll explain. I met this guy on Zoosk; he had winked at me and he had a really cute profile picture (a few actually) and then BOOM a random naked picture. I mean, he's wearing boxers, but he's pretty naked in my opinion. HOT though, but naked. Usually i don't give these guys a second look because you assume they're full of themselves, but i felt compelled to write to him. I said that he was cute in his profile pictures; why did he need to post a naked picture of himself?! We could see that he was fit and good looking; he didn't need to sell himself to the devil (the Zoosk devil)! LOL
He wrote me back saying that he was glad he could make me laugh so hard, and we've been chatting ever since.
He's funny, cute, and well, i know he has a good body, so that's always a plus!
We've been talking non-stop since last Thursday night. We're going to dinner and movie tomorrow night. Wish me luck!! xo
P.S. i'm considering posting his naked photo, but i don't want him to read this one day and get mad... so i'll opt out for now. If things don't go well tmrw i'll post his pic immediately! HAHAHA

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  1. stay tuned for update of The Naked Guy and our date(s) tmrw!
    Would have written it tonight.... but i'm already leaving for date #2! Roxy needs a little bit of a distraction, and he seems to be the man to help me out ;) hehe details tmrw AM promise!
    — Roxy xo