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Friday, April 16, 2010

So I Have a Date This Saturday...

So as you know, i'm playing around on Zoosk. It was really just to laugh about, but i started chatting with this guy from the Southshore and i actually kind of started having fun. We chatted, then texting (no, no SEXTING yet), tonight we spoke on the phone, we've been playing phone tag all week, and this Saturday is D-Day. Date night.

He's invited me to Skratch...
It's kinda juvenile. Like my 9th grade boyfriend invited me to Skratch.
BUT i'm trying not to be judgmental or negative.

Already he's somehow managed to tell me every reason under the sun there is for NOT being with him; he actually listed them to me on MSN the other night at 2am. Not very bright on his part. I really have lost some interest since then. He asked me why i was single; the question I HATE.
Don't u think if i knew WHY i was single, that i would do something different?! Maybe guys are just too dumb that i meet!!
I didn't answer him that way; i mean i am a polite girl. I talked about bad timing and those type of things. So, when i asked him the same, he said: “ Do you want me to list the reasons?”

And i know you you all want to know what they are!! lol
So, here they are: the reasons to NOT be with Mr...Southshore;
  1. He's “hot stuff” (yes he SAID this, are u understanding already why i'm a little put off?)
  2. He's picky (because he's hot stuff you see) and he needs someone equal to him (mmmhmmm)
  3. He lives with his parents (oh now i understand the hot stuff part! pft)
  4. He works AND goes to school, so he has 0 time. although he is graduating in 6 weeks (one plus!)
  5. He's a nurse (yes, just like my ex who didn't have time for me either)
  6. He lives on the Southshore (i think i may have mentioned this one a few times. But he's only ±30mins away apparently.... YA with NO traffic)
  7. And, last point, is that he LOVES his job and he's VERY talented at it. So, over time and long nights are NOT a big deal for him, because he's saving lives (great. noted. thanks for sharing.)
So... after all his convincing arguments,  i'm like: “hmmm YEs , thanks for exaplining, i totally DO understand why you're single now”Uhhhh. talk later then. k bye

He's apparently a god-like nurse who is busy every second of the day, and who lives with mommy but is TOTALLY hot stuff.

that pretty much wraps it up... i'm really harsh aren't i?!

So, then why am i going on a date with him you ask......
Well, he was nice to chat to, quite funny, sympathetic, honestly curious about me and my life, he's 31, and cute, loves what he does, and through all this texting, i've kind of started to enjoy him.
But, who knows if i'll feel the same on Saturday. I will set up a few of you as my scapegoats!! HEHE Don't worry you will be informed of my whereabouts in case he is a freak of nature! Stay tuned, Brossard 7:30pm Saturday April 17th. I will tweet it live to you all. Be there or be square.

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  1. A date in Brossard, interesting...you never know, stranger things have happened! Seriously though, just have fun!! And remember, do not pay 1 cent of anything, it is the 1st date after all.